Prevent & Heal Cold Sores

 Say goodbye to cold sores!

"If you have frequent cold sore outbreaks then this is a must have. Been using it for a few months now and have not had a cold sore since. Cheers for such a good product." - Harold 

"Great stuff! I used to get cold sores on a regular basis but I have not had one since I started using this lovely product. Thank you so much." - Pauline

Our Prevent & Heal range is made with scientifically proven and clinically tested active ingredients. Our main active ingredient melissa officinalis has been scientifically proven in clinical studies conducted in Berlin at the Clinical Drug Research and Development Centre to fight the cold sore virus, speed healing, increase the length of time between recurrent outbreaks and if treatment is begun before blisters appear the outbreak can either be prevented or the severity significantly reduced.

Our Prevent & Heal lip balms have been crafted to help prevent & reduce the frequency of cold sores and to treat cold sore symptoms. They can also be used to moisturise and heal dry and cracked lips.

Additionally, our Prevent & Heal cold sore remedy oil is a 100% natural treatment made with as many as ten specifically selected herbal oils to help prevent & heal cold sores. It is a concentrated, high strength formula and considerably more potent than our lip balms.

Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients such as Melissa, Tea Tree, Geranium, Hemp, Tamanu, Aloe, Calendula and much more, our Prevent & Heal range has been holistically crafted for cold sore prone lips and has received outstanding feedback.

Our special selection of ingredients ensure that our range is antiviral, soothing, anti-scarring, regenerative, mood-enhancing, anti-stress, uplifting, antibacterial and antimicrobial which makes them a must have to prevent, heal and reduce the frequency of cold sores.